Your Privacy Is Important
Svarto is a social networking platform for photo and video sharing. Avoom Group owns this website (“Svarto site”, a “site”) and associated social networking websites (collectively the “Company Sites”), which are operated by or on behalf of Avoom Group (collectively, “us”,"we," "our", "the Company" or "Company"). Your access to and use of this Site, its content, services and information therein (collectively, the "Services") is governed by these Terms of Service, which also apply to all other Company Sites both existing currently and offered in the future.

This Privacy Policy outlines what types of data we may collect from your visits and how we may use and share it. This Privacy Policy also tells you the options you have regarding how we use this information

We advise you to carefully read this Privacy Policy. Please also review the Terms of Service displayed at each of the Company Sites, which governs how you use the Company Sites. You agree that you accept and understand the terms of this Privacy Policy and also the Terms of Service by accessing and using any Company Sites (including, but not limited to, communities, social networking features, or other interactive content available on Company Sites), provided on the Company Sites.

Do not use the Company Sites if you do not wish to accept these terms. Note also that some services or features mentioned in this Privacy Policy possibly may not be offered on Company Sites at any given time.
User Restrictions And Applicability
Unless otherwise stated specifically, this Privacy Policy applies to data gathered on Company Sites, which may also be governed by additional or separate policies. It does not apply to data about you gathered by affiliated providers, third party websites (for example, ad tracking and serving services), offerings or applications linked to or in any way accessible from Company Sites. The data received or collected by such third parties and affiliated providers may be subject to their privacy policies, which you are encouraged to review. We have no obligation or responsibility to comply with the policies or practices of other websites.

Company Sites are not intended for persons below the age of 13. For adherence with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), we implement reasonable commercial efforts to comply with the prohibition on the gathering of online personal information from children below the age of 13 unless we first obtain validated parental consent. As a minimum, Company Sites prohibit registration by any person below the age of 13, and will not knowingly gather personally identifiable data from, anyone under the age of 13. Company Site registration and is void in locations where it is prohibited by law.
The Information That We Collect And How We Use It
We implement a number of measures to protect your data whether you are a visitor to a Company Site or have registered as a member. The information we collects may fall into these two categories: Personal Information, that is data which is personally identifiable as belonging to a specific individual (defined below), and aggregate data, which is general anonymous demographic information that does not include identification of any individual or member. We may disclose or use aggregate data for any purpose.

The Company complies with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (the “Principles”). These Principles were developed by prominent industry associations to address online behavioral advertising with the objective of developing standards across the Internet that are consumer-friendly. Please visit to where you will learn more.

User Content

Be aware that on the occasions when you disclose online publicly any information about yourself (for example, via email, chat areas, social networking platforms, message boards forums or similar online facilities), such data may be collected and exported, and may be used by strangers. Posting any personal data in public places can result in unwelcome unsolicited communications, which may include unwanted email messages or possibly other forms of contact. Be sensible about the information you submit online. The Company bears no responsibility for any policies or actions of third parties who may gather any information you disclose on Company Sites.

Personal Data

"Personal Data" as mentioned in this Privacy Policy means personally identifiable data collected online about an individual, such as name, street address, e-mail address, telephone number, social security number, or other information that could enable the online or physical contacting of an individual.

You may browse Company Sites anonymously. However, some services and features, which includes social networking, may not be available to you without submitting Personal Information. If you choose to submit Personal Information to us, you thereby consent to the storage and transfer of that data on our servers. You also consent to receive e-mail or other marketing communications from us unless you opt out or unsubscribe from these messages as we describe below.


Some features and services of Company Sites require you to submit a registration form to create a user name and a password. During the registration process you are requested to provide some Personal Information. We may use this data to contact you regarding the services on our Company Sites. As well as Personal Information gathered during registration, we may gather and store:

(a) responses made by you to the advertisements and offerings displayed on Company Sites;

(b) information about the Sites’ services or features that you use, and how frequently you use them;

(c) commercial information related to transactions (for example, preferred of payment methods such as credit cards, shipping or billing information, or history of any products purchased by you through Company Sites);

(d) responses you make to (or entries for) any surveys or sweepstakes or contests, and any requests for products, services, information or newsletters;

(e) customer service history information about you in your role as a user of any Company Site, which may include any suggestions that you submit to us;

(f) community chats, discussions, dispute resolution or correspondence through our Company Sites, and any correspondence you sent to us;

(g) activity by you on Company Sites, which may include accessing an application, sharing a video, photo or image, or adding a friend;

(h) your activities on some third party services or sites for which you have granted consent to share or connect through your Company Site account or accounts;

(i) data from other companies, for example traffic and demographic data; and

(j) other data from interactions by you with our Company Sites, services, advertising and content, including mobile device and/or computer location and connection information, statistics about page views, browser type, traffic form and to the sites, advertising data, standard web log data and IP address.

Profile and Preference Information

To enable you to maximize the value and enjoyment of our social networking features, your profile photo, member name, and some other profile information related to your account with any Company Site or with third party sites that you share through a Company Site may not be private. You can control some other information that may be shared on your member page through your privacy settings. Do not post photos that you do not want to be shared with other users, or delete them.

Information that you submit to us may be combined with other data about you that we may collect through your use of Company Sites so as to provide marketing offers and promotions suitable for your preferences and also to enhance the content of Company Sites for your benefit.


We may use cookies to enhance your visitor experience on Company Sites, Cookies are tiny data files that our website places in the browser you use on your computer when you access the Company Sites. We may use these cookies for several purposes, such as tracking visitor usage patterns, measuring how effective advertising is, to help with serving advertisements, restricting multiple responses and limiting multiple registrations, enabling you to navigate Company Sites, and as part of a screening or verification process. If you wish to prevent cookies being used, you can decline this capability in the settings of your browser. However, you may find that some features or services on our Company Sites may provide an unacceptable user experience once you disable the use of cookies. Visit to for more details.

Web Beacons and Similar Technologies

E-mail messages sent by us as well as Company Sites may contain a web beacon, which is a small image. Tis is a web beacon, which gathers a small amount of limited information when the web page or e-mail message are viewed. Web beacons are e-mail messages very small (typically 1-by-1 pixel) and are not visible to the viewer. Generally speaking, any electronic graphic image as part of an e-mail message or web page, including advertisements or HTML, can be used as a web beacon. We may utilize web beacons or technologies that are similar for several purposes, including but not limited to, to monitor how users navigate Company Sites, count traffic to our website pages, and we may also include web beacons or technologies that are similar in e-mails so as to count how many e-mails (or specific links, articles, etc.) that we have sent are opened. Also, our advertising service providers may utilize web beacons or technologies that are similar to personalize and assess the effectiveness of advertisements using information collected over time from visitors to Company Sites.

IP Address and Log Files

When you visit Company Sites, we may gather and store the type of browser you use and your IP address so as to help with diagnosing issues with our servers, to maintain and administer Company Sites, to assist with analyzing visitor trends, to help customize advertisements and content served to you, and gather anonymous demographic information to be used in aggregate format.
Sharing Your Information With Third Parties
Third Party Content

Some content may be served by third parties directly when you visit Company Sites. This content may utilize web beacons, Javascript, cookies or other technologies. We neither have access to nor do we control the use of such technology by any third parties, including the data collected by them or the manner in which they use such information.

Applications and Websites

The Company does not operate or own certain websites or applications (for example, tools or games) accessible through Company Sites. Therefore, any occasion when you use such third party websites or applications, we may share some of your information as well as the location of your mobile device or computer so as to enable your use of these services and for security and age verification purposes, amongst other purposes. For example, Company Sites may offer the option of connecting your activity and member profile on Company Sites with some third party services like Foursquare, Facebook, or Twitter ("Third Party Services"). When you grant consent to publish your activity or information on Company Sites to a Third Party Service, any such information may be public and viewable by communities on the Third Party Services and may be used by the Third Party Services in line with their published privacy practices. Likewise, if a member of your friends list uses a third party website or application, it may obtain your public member information in order that you can be separately linked to your friend. Your consent should be sought if the website or application requests any further information, we are unable to guarantee that such websites or applications will follow our own privacy practices, therefore we advise you to always review the information sharing policies of these websites and to report any website or application that may be in beach of our privacy policies.

Online Shopping Services

Company Sites may provide you with shopping services either offered directly or offered through a service operated by a partner under contract with the Company. Where a Site offers you shopping or other services of a commercial nature, the order form will ask that you provide certain Personal Information, which may include credit card information or other payment data. Any financial information you may provide will be used to bill you by the Company or its partners for products or services that you requested and for any other uses to which you have given consent. By submitting your payment data to the Site (and related Personal Information), you thereby authorize us to share that information with the credit card company and the merchant and/or you also directly authorize the Company’s partner to both confirm and subsequently fulfill your order. Also, the Company and/or its partners will use your contact details from the order form both to subsequently fulfill your order and also for customer service. The Company will not share or use your financial information in any other manner unless you grant prior approval.

Other Third Parties

Our employees, contractors and agents are obliged to have a "need-to-know" valid business reason for obtaining access to any of your Personal Information. The Company may share your Personal Information with organizations or individuals who assist us in managing or providing content or services for Company Sites (for example, forum administration, data processing, statistical analysis, order fulfillment), or with external agents contractors, or sponsors who assist with administering, judging and prize fulfillment tasks of promotions, contests and sweepstakes. Such external contractors, sponsors or agents may temporarily store certain information on their servers, but their use of your Personal Information is restricted to providing Company Sites with specific services and is not authorized for any other purposes. We may also share your Personal Information with a third party in a situation where you have elected to receive certain information and you have been notified that to fulfil such a request requires the sharing of your Personal Information. We may also share your Personal Information with partners and affiliated companies if we have a valid business reason to do so.

Legal Compliance

We may disclose or access your Personal Information without seeking your consent so as to: (i) defend or protect our legal property or rights, which includes those of our affiliated companies or their agents, employees, and contractors (including any enforcement of our agreements); (ii) to protect the security and safety of other users of Company Sites or any members of the public, which includes responding to claims that any content breaches the rights of others, or protect anybody’s safety, property, or rights; (iii) for risk management purposes or to protect against fraud; (iv) comply with legal process or the law. Additionally, if the ownership of any Company Site transfers, through sale or merger, to another company not affiliated with us and not owned by us, we may transfer your Personal Information to that acquiring or merging company as part of the transaction.
Your Privacy Choices
The following sub-headings only apply to Company Sites where user registration is an option.

Access to Personal Information

At any time, you have the facility to remove, correct, or Personal Information that you have provided to us. When you enter any Company Site, you may sign in using your login id and password. After you have signed in, click on the link for "My Page" to be presented with the option to modify or delete your member profile data and/or settings through the link for "Edit Profile" or the link for "My Account". If you have forgotten your login id or password, click the link for "Forgot my password", and following security verification, your login id and/or password will be sent to the email address that you registered with us.

Activity Related to Your Member Name

Your user name will be shown to other members on Company Sites. Depending on the activities (for example, blogging) on any Sites, it may also be viewable by the public. All activity by you on our Sites is traceable back to your member or user name. Therefore, if you were to associate your real name with your Company Site member name, anybody to whom you have disclosed your name can personally identify your activities on Company Sites.

Opt Out

At any time you have the option of opting out from receiving e-mail communications from us either by following the unsubscribe link within an email you receive from us or by logging into your account and following the link for "Email Alerts" under the link for "My Account". As described above, if you elect not to supply us with information requested on sign up or registration forms, it may be possible that you will be unable to use or access certain features on certain Company Sites.

Your Member Profile

When you register on Company Sites, you may create your member profile, provide additional information, upload photos, add friends, perform searches, send messages and other activities. Data transmitted during such activities is gathered so that we can personalize certain features and provide you with services. Any content you submit on Company Sites will be at your own risk. Limited privacy options are available on Company Sites allowing you to restrict access to your profile. Be aware that such privacy options may be perfect and may not always be available. We do not accept responsibility for breaches of security measures or of any privacy settings on Company Sites. Furthermore, we cannot control actions of third parties with whom you have elected to share your Personal Information or profile. Therefore the Company cannot guarantee that any personal information or content that you may post on Company Sites will not be accessed by unauthorized persons. You acknowledge and understand that, even after deletion or removal, copies of your user data or content may still be available and viewable in archived and cached pages or if other users have copied, duplicated or stored your user content. Any improper gathering or misuse of data provided on any Company Site is a breach of the Site’s Terms of Service and should be reported to

Friend Referrals

Company Sites may permit you invite friends to use or view certain services or features, including online shopping services. To refer a friend, data which includes your friend’s email address is needed. Such information is gathered and stored in order to send your friend this one-time invitation, to enable your friend’s registration and to allow us to track the success of referral programs. Your friend may contact us at to request us to remove this data from our records.
Security Of Your Personal Information
The company deploys reasonable and acceptable steps in line with industrial standards and practices to make secure any data collected in Company Sites. We also implement internal measures to restrict access to your Personal Information only to those individuals who have a valid need for the information so as to execute a specific request. Nonetheless, we are unable to guarantee that your Personal Information will never be revealed in a manner that breaches this Privacy Policy (for example, as a result of unlawful or unauthorized access by a third party), and you accept that you submit such information to us at your own risk.

Account Protection

Your Company Site member profile is protected by a password so that only you can access this information. We advise you to use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Do not share your Company Site password with anyone. If you share your computer with others, or use a computer to which others have access, sign out and close the browser window when you are finished. If you do happen to share your Personal Information or your password with others, be aware that you are solely responsible for any actions taken by your member profile. By relinquishing secrecy of your password, you may relinquish significant control over your Personal Information and possible legal implications should another impersonate your identity. If your password has been in any way compromised, we strongly advise you to change it as soon as possible or request us to change it on your behalf.

If Abuse Occurs

Whilst we make strenuous effort to ensure that our e-mail list is secured, such is the Internet that we are unable to guarantee that our list is totally invulnerable to attack. Should you believe that there has been a violation of our security, please contact us at once at
Changes To This Privacy Policy
The Company reserves the right at any time to amend this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. If we do make changes, we will publish them on this page and will display at the top the date on which the revised Policy becomes effective. We advise you to revisit this Privacy Policy regularly and frequently so as to remain informed regarding our current privacy policy and practices. The Privacy Policy that is current at any given time governs the treatment of all information we hold about you and about your activities on Company Sites unless stated otherwise.

Contacting Us

For concerns or additional questions about this Privacy Policy, contact us by email at or at Privacy Request, Svarto, P.O. Box 1001, College Park, MD 20741, USA.